Who am I?

Well, that’s a tough one. First, I go by Sara. Before I really get into what you can expect from this blog I do want to list my credentials. I think it’s important because it will support some of what I say. I’m currently a Registered Behavior Technician and I practice ABA therapy with children. I’m working on certification to become a board certified behavior analyst. I also received a bachelors in psychology and I’m attending graduate school for a master’s in mental health counseling. My end goal is to obtain a PhD in clinical psychology.

Now, I’ve always struggled with emotional and mental hardships. I experienced things as a child that most children never experience; I know that’s pretty cliche, but it’s true. Recently though, things have been more difficult for me than what I am used to and I decided to seek help. I started with just seeing a mental health counselor, but together we made the decision for me to seek medical treatment with a psychiatrist. That journey in itself is a long story, but after seeing 3 different clinicians, I finally came across a psychiatrist who I felt listened to me and attempted to find a solution. That solution though came with a terrifying truth. I sat on that red and gold stripped couch across from the psychiatrist and heard the words “I believe you’re on the Bipolar Disorder spectrum.” I now had a shocking realization to deal with. I decided to start this blog, not only for myself, but maybe to help others in understanding what it’s like for someone struggling with a mental illness and to aid in spreading awareness. My ultimate goal though is to encourage others to not be afraid to share their stories, and to assist in the formulation of coping strategies. Medication can definitely help an array of disorders, but learning how to cope with the triggers and the intense feelings associated with the disorder is imperative.


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Art therapy saved this bipolar artists life

    Hi I’d like to bring awareness to mental disabilities and art therapy. I think your fans will find my story educational and inspiring…

    5 years ago I was homeless, suicidal in a Mental Institution with Bipolar. Now a professional Urban-Pop artist. I paint daily using recycled products as Art Therapy. I sold online for dirt prices. Weeks ago I was just discovered by An art rep who noticed my work & immediately hung 3 of my paintings in a gallery show. I just sold my first painting for $250. There are more shows being lined up for me. Follow as I battle to rise as a top artist. I achieved a dream and art saved my life . Hope my story inspires others.
    Reuven Ohr
    Email: Reuvenohr@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Reuv-162230923829321/?ref=bookmarks


    • Thank you for your story Reuven!That is definitely inspiring. I think that it takes an extremely strong person to be able to overcome such an obstacle. I actually do some art therapy myself too. I utilize different outlets though. My therapist does art therapy with me, I do my best to do stuff on my own and I incorporate it into my work. I do ABA therapy with children with developmental disabilities, and art therapy is something I love using with them and in the end it helps me too. I wish you the best in life though and keep following your dream! You’re on the right path.


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